The Haunting of Ivy May: Magic in Mistwick (Paperback)

The Haunting of Ivy May: Magic in Mistwick By Nancy Basile Cover Image

The Haunting of Ivy May: Magic in Mistwick (Paperback)


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Previously published as A Bitter Swill to Swallow by award-winning author Nancy Basile.

A cozy paranormal mystery with a clean romance.

Ivy May moved to Mistwick, West Virginia, for a second chance after a bitter divorce from her cockroach of an ex-husband.

She's ready to make her dream come true to remodel a cozy Victorian fixer-upper, known as Buttercup Cottage. But the locals keep giving her mysterious warnings and none of the contractors will work on her house. Until she meets an daring newcomer and possible BFF who's willing to take a chance on her money pit of a house.

However, during Ivy's first night in Buttercup Cottage, she has a nightmare about a bloody, horrific wailing woman. Ivy can't shake the feeling that her nightmare was more than just a vision. The reality of living with a terrifying ghost could ruin her dream of a magical midlife re-invention.

The local tea shop owner seems helpful, but even she seems secretive when she tells Ivy she has a gift. What gift? A gift for picking loser husbands is the only gift she knows of.

And who is the handsome mystery man hanging around Buttercup Cottage? Is he the one leaving threatening notes in her mailbox? Or could their desire lead to a thrilling romance?

Ivy has to exorcise a vengeful ghost, fight a crooked ex-husband, and win the hearts of a town full of skeptics to turn her house into a jaw-dropping showpiece. Otherwise, she'll end up bankrupt, lonely, and homeless.

It's only when Ivy finds friends and joins forces that she wins a surprising triumph.

Trigger Warning: This paranormal women's fiction is a haunted cozy mystery, and therefore doesn't include any overtly brutal, graphic, violent, or traumatizing material. However, people who are easily triggered by their past experiences may wish to read with caution. I don't want to be specific here because the warning would give away the mystery. Please know the issue is a small part of the story; it is handled with respect; and it is "healed" before the book ends.

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Product Details ISBN: 9798985227987
Publisher: Media Medusa LLC
Publication Date: January 19th, 2023
Pages: 232
Language: English