Whole Medicine: A Guide to Ethics and Harm-Reduction for Psychedelic Therapy and Plant Medicine Communities (Paperback)

Whole Medicine: A Guide to Ethics and Harm-Reduction for Psychedelic Therapy and Plant Medicine Communities By Rebecca Martinez, Juliette Mohr (With), David Bronner (Foreword by) Cover Image

Whole Medicine: A Guide to Ethics and Harm-Reduction for Psychedelic Therapy and Plant Medicine Communities (Paperback)

By Rebecca Martinez, Juliette Mohr (With), David Bronner (Foreword by)


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A comprehensive framework for ethical psychedelic medicine—a guide for therapists, trip sitters, and anyone concerned about upholding boundaries and safety in the entheogen and plant medicine community

Psychedelic advisor Rebecca Martinez lays out the groundwork for an ethical approach to 21st-century psychedelic therapy. Applying a social-justice lens to entheogenic practice, Martinez provides practical guidance for psychedelic sitters, advocates, explorers, and those practicing (or learning to practice) licensed psychedelic therapy.

As psychedelics become a more accessible pathway to healing, how do practitioners—and seekers—navigate complex issues in a wide range of settings? Here, you’ll learn skills like:

  • Understanding consent and boundaries
  • Building safe and ethical psychedelic experiences
  • How to integrate the cultural and historical contexts of plant medicines
  • Considering the psychological risks and benefits of psychedelic therapy
  • How to apply a social-justice lens to entheogenic healing

Martinez also discusses how, in many corners of the psychedelic community, an overemphasis on positivity can overwhelm attempts to challenge abuses of power; dismantle internalized hierarchies; and acknowledge and integrate our own flaws and traumas.

An essential guide for any psychedelic therapist, entheogenic guide, or mind-expanding medicine enthusiast, Whole Medicine brings much-needed conversations about ethics, boundaries, and informed use out of the shadows for better, safer, community-centered psychedelic healing.
Product Details ISBN: 9781623178550
ISBN-10: 162317855X
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: January 16th, 2024
Pages: 280
Language: English
"The psychedelic landscape is quickly evolving. Ms. Martinez provides much needed ethical guidance for both psychedelic facilitators and the folks who want to use them, and she does it with grace and compassion. It's my hope people in the field will consider the careful recommendations in Whole Medicine. They couldn't be more timely."
—Eugenia Bone, author of Mycophilia and Microbia

"Whole Medicine covers the whole relational landscape of therapeutic plant medicines and psychedelics. Rebecca uncovers and beautifully describes the ethos and interrelationships that sustain and balance this ecosystem below its surface.... The book is an amazingly comprehensive guide to ethical participation in this field, for whatever role you play within it."
—Kylea Taylor, author of The Ethics of Caring

"...an important contribution to the psychedelic landscape at a pivotal time.... A must-read for anyone pursuing the psychedelic path that examines all aspects of living a psychedelic life with integrity—without ignoring the challenges the burgeoning new industry and grassroots community face—all told in a compassionate and thought-provoking way."
—Michelle Janikian, author of Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion

"...a truly insightful, gentle, and thorough overview of approaches to inner work, reciprocity, sharing of power, consent, and accountability.... This seminal volume has evolved from the experiences of the underground therapists, the newcomers, and the Indigenous people who were first to learn of the magic and effectiveness of these healing arts.... Vulnerable souls who seek an end to suffering, together with those who attempt to confront and resolve difficulties of heart and mind, will find careful guidance herein."
—William Leonard Pickard, author of The Rose of Paracelsus

"...an essential and much-needed contribution to the field. Rebecca's self-awareness throughout the book provides readers with a model of integrity and honesty when navigating the terrain of their own consciousness and the responsibility that comes with holding space for others. Rebecca offers a solid foundation for how to be in and with community as we journey together toward healing and liberation."
—Julia Mande, systems change facilitator and organizational designer

"Discourse around psychedelics too often focuses on the individual and overlooks many relevant current and historical contexts, like the lasting legacy of historical trauma and systemic injustice. Whole Medicine invites us deep into multidimensional reflection and delves into layers often missing from our collective conversations."
—Joseph McCowan, PhD, PsyD, clinical psychologist, psychedelic therapist, and researcher

"If you're interested in the new discipline of psychedelic medicine and therapy, Whole Medicine is a must-read.... Anyone curious about psychedelicassisted therapy should read this important manuscript."
—Darron Smith, PhD, PA-C, codirector at the University of Washington Center for Novel Therapeutics

"Whole Medicine is vulnerable, personal, and honors lineage.... The sacred and the secular are woven together with the acknowledgment that the natural world holds both.... Marginalized and stigmatized voices are fully present in the reflections on what has occurred and, importantly, what is next in this psychedelic and plant medicine reemergence into the mainstream."
—Courtney Watson, LMFT, founder of Doorway Therapeutics and Access 2 Doorways