Announcing a new collaboration between The Booksmith & Two Sisters Bar and Books





Introducing The Bindery & The Arcana Project at 1727 Haight Street

If you missed it, last Monday Publisher's Weekly took to twitter to drop some bombshell

New to Upstream: KEVIN SMOKLER for his forthcoming book Brat Pack America: A Love Letter to 80s Teen Movies and the Places they Happened


Introducing: Bookswap 2.0


Booksmith's Bookswap is back with a few tweaks. In order to make Bookswap more affordable, more accessible, and more social, we've changed a few things:

April is Independent Bookstore Day, and we're thinking about print. Is it dead? Will it ever die? If these windows are any indication, they coexist quite nicely. Click photos to embigged; book list below.