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Christin Evans and Praveen Madan

Christin Evans, literary entrepreneur, runs two Bay Area bookstores. In 2007, she and her husband, Praveen Madan, purchased The Booksmith in San Francisco’s historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. In 2008 with Melissa Mytinger, they helped launch Berkeley Arts & Letters, now the East Bay’s most successful author event series. Christin also currently acts as the head of inventory management at Kepler's Books, Silicon Valley’s landmark bookstore established by pacifist Roy Kepler in 1955, a store which she and Praveen assumed stewardship over in 2012. Together they revamped Kepler's as a hybrid business with an affiliated non-profit events program. Having made it her work to re-imagine the role independent bookstores play in their communities and how best they can be sustainable cultural institutions, she's active in neighborhood associations and she welcomes conversations! Christin worked as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney; she holds a B.A. from Vassar College and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Contact Christin.







Amy is a curly-haired human female and scotch enthusiast who is only listed first because her name starts with A. She produces and emcees #ShipwreckSF with Casey Childers. You can find her writing on Hoodline, the Establishment, and in Loose Lips (Grand Central, 2016). If you have Shipwreck questions, you can email her at amy [at] booksmith [dot] com. Find her on your platform of choice as @losertakesall







Anah is a visual artist, stand-up comedian, taxidermist/bug pinner, tattoo addict, and long-time bookslinger. She enjoys all things dark and weird, and tends to read a lot of true crime and abnormal psychology books. She has a heart of gold, and the attention span of a goldfish. She probably is not aware of what day it is.



Camden reads an awful lot. His tastes are spastic but not unpredictable. He finds gin an ideal accompaniment to any emergency and can cook a soufflẻ but always, always burns the toast. He is also Booksmith's lead buyer.









Colter is currently pursuing his MFA in Fiction at the University of San Francisco after having moved from the no-man’s-land that is Arizona. His short fiction has appeared in Persona Magazine and Danse Macabre. He is working on his first novel. 










An ex- and future hermit from Savannah, Georgia, Evan's responsible for Litseen and Quiet Lightning. Since moving to SF in 2009, he's written columns for the San Francisco Chronicle, SF Weekly, KQED, and SF/Arts, managed front of house at SOMArts Cultural Center and The Emerald Tablet, and produced 200+ events featuring 1,100+ artists in 80+ venues, from dive bars and art galleries to state parks and national landmarks. When he's not managing events for Booksmith, The Bindery, and Berkeley Arts & Letters, he's usually combining words and other sounds with his brother Miles as Turk & Divis.






Jes was born on a farm and raised to be an animal. She moved to the big city to pursue a career as a "starving artist", which is going well. She is often caught drawing genitalia and the many things you can do with genitalia, but also freelances children's books! Her anachronistic interests inspire her never ending obsession to thrift and her love of the classics (books, music, movies)Naturally a sweet Scorpio, but watch out this kitty's got claws. 







Kailee writes, cooks, and loves seeing classic movies at the Castro Theater. Originally from Alaska, she is a recent graduate of Colorado College; her work can be found in Cipher Magazine and The Leviathan. She lives in Berkeley.










Lauren is the children’s books buyer for Booksmith. Her interests include vintage handkerchiefs, maple flavoring, and messing with Texas, where she’s from. She was a sculpture major in college and once built a working glow cloud, proving that there are no useless degrees.










Megan Kurashige is a dancer and a writer. She and her sister co-direct a dance company called Sharp & Fine in San Francisco. She also dances for Liss Fain Dance. Her short fiction has appeared in Unnatural Creatures, an anthology edited by Neil Gaiman and Maria Dahvana Headley, and various magazines. Sometimes, she works at the Booksmith.









Nikita spent her childhood singing to a backyard creek and playing dress up in an attic. On days when she feels less than her best, she has to go home, put on some make up, turn up the tape deck, and pull the wig down on her head. The rest of the time, you can find her trying to read and eat simultaneously, or lurking vintage behind plate glass windows while making "starving Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria" faces.








Sarah hails from smalltown Georgia and has called San Francisco home since 2009. Lover of books, music, astronomy, true crime, live theatre, and hearing about that funny thing your cat does. Would always rather be camping.










Seth (they/he) is an avid reader with a sweet-spot for experimental works. Their top picks of authors are usually Chuck Palahniuk, Mark Z Danielewski, and Jesse Ball. They also enjoy collecting cassettes, writing songs on the banjolele, playing arcade games, and learning more about the extended DC universe. Ask them about their Pokemon card collection. 








Sydney is a USF student- media studies major, current film minor, and prospective journalism minor. She's the VP of the on-campus LGBT+ club, a member of a sorority, and has another job on campus (basically, Sydney likes keeping herself busy). She'll read nearly anything you put in front of her out of sheer habit, and seems to know every pop song by heart. An accidental expert on video games and slasher flicks, she tends to not stop talking once she gets going (especially about her cat).








Tala enjoys reading classic literature, poetry, and music essay/biographies, as well as doodling less-than-pretty people, getting her name mispronounced, and working/attending shows. On her days off, she sleeps when the sun's up and begins functioning as a *normal* human being at night. (i.e. eating breakfast, forgetting where/who she is). 









Telecommuting guru of store reorders and special projects. Lover of literary fiction, sociological reportage, music journalism, and nature writing. A fool for a good cookbook, always ready for a new challenge in the kitchen. An unrepentant music junkie, known to lose himself in record shops for hours on end. A runner, an amateur photographer, a tireless traveler, and-- most importantly-- the proud Daddy of the sweetest, most charming dog in the entire world.